Cherokee, from Melbourne, Australia, resides in Belgium since May 2020. She's been living abroad DJ-ing in Asia and Europe.  Melbourne, Shanghai and Berlin have been her main musical abodes with regular travel to the USA and UK. She consistently DJs in other worldly cosmopolitan cities Sydney, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Zurich, Ibiza, Istanbul, New York, Miami and more!


Cherokee houses a mix of musical influences blending sounds of deep soulful jazz melodic house music. An early female pioneer of the dance music scene in Australia, she is an influential lady that has paved the way for women in the music business and helped opened many doors for International, Local DJs, Recording Artists and Record Labels Worldwide in their quest to play and promote their music in Australia. 


In June 2021, Cherokee was selected as one of 40 elite women of the dance music industry to participate in the first ever "European Female DJ Summit" in Copenhagen. She has participated and contributed in many professional music related business industry events and summits and has been chosen to speak as an advisor educating women in music. She mentor's females to assist them with their dream of having a DJ career and also educates them on starting their live DJ channels and streaming platforms. Cherokee is highly respected and recognised globally throughout the music industry.


Additional and complimentary to her DJ career, she’s an experienced radio personality, entertainment venue music curator, sound designer and music advisor within the professional audio and sound product sector.


Introduced to music by her father at the age of 3 she's been having a love affair with music throughout her lifetime. She played musical instruments and sang throughout her childhood, so naturally she's been able to establish herself within the global music hemisphere.


Cherokee is an innovative performer fuelled by passion and drive, she has a unique soulful presence complimented with dynamic personality and drive! She automatically sends out a positive vibrant energy that instantly attracts her audience and strengthens her fan base globally. She's notorious for leaving a lasting impression on her dance floor audience, taking you on a journey and leaving a lasting imprint in your soul. Cherokee's style and smile will keep you coming back for more!