In light of the global pandemic and the continuing situation of life-online in March 2022 Cherokee created and presented for the first time ever to be done an all Australian Female DJ line up for International Women's Month ūüíē reigniting her music brand SUSHE also for the very first time online via Twitch.TV streaming platform. Join us and help us celebrate this wonderful occasion all day as we ride the SUSHE House Music Raid Train Saturday 19th March. Come out to support all these lovely DJ ladies and enjoy music!¬†


S U S H E - Supreme Underground Sisters of House on Earth - is the music brand event created by DJ Cherokee in 2012 to showcase world-class female DJ talent. 


SuShe launched in Shanghai, China and Cherokee wanted to bring the magic of women together! 

S U S H E - Supreme Underground Sisters of House on Earth is the music brand event created by DJ Cherokee to showcase world-class female DJ talent. SuShe was designed to give ladies advanced credit which was well deserved and provide opportunities to be able to extended their careers further worldwide providing better reward for their efforts working within this tough music business.


Cherokee cultivated SuShe in Shanghai, China, where she met talented lady DJs, Mia Li & Jasmine Li. They admired her SUSHE idea and were delighted to play and support it.  There is a special kind of magic when bringing women together in a room. Having a party or celebration is a fun way to get together with your best female friends and have an enjoyable evening. 


Put on your party dress, lipstick and dancing shoes and pull yourself together for an evening of fun with inspiring and intelligent ladies.

Cherry Entertainment came together with Certified Organik Records and Bodikela Recordings during ADE October 2019 (Amsterdam Dance Event) to present the event ORGANIK.


It was held at Café Cha Cha-Amsterdam which is in the city center and tucked away underground off the street level. Hidden beneath, a hideaway, with a rustic feel and cozy environment, allowing you to soak in the house music sounds, you could sit, stand, hang out by the bar and indulge in the music cheerfully the entire evening with ease. We were so excited to bring the DJ crew and vocalist together at this event as it was the first time that we had all been together as one unit to do our thing! 


ORGANIK international line-up Todd G (USA), DJ Dove (USA), Cherokee (AUS), Jay Potter (UK), Divided Souls B2B Samuri (GER) and live vocalist Rebecca Burgin (AUS). A flavorsome night fully loaded with ORGANIK, deep, soulful, jazzy and tech house spiciness!

MARTINI was presented by Cherry Entertainment in Melbourne and delivered a funky tasteful sound that ministered to the soul of all house music lovers. Cherry Entertainment initiated what was missing in Melbourne’s house music scene and focused on exceptional music and the idea of striving to provide a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere in a sophisticated, cool venue in the heart of town.


MARTINI was an exclusive party event in the heart of the city that catered for music lovers who expected quality soulful, jazzy, deep, disco and funky house music. We hand picked the DJs in Melbourne who we believed could deliver the best international sounds of this city. 



MARTINI’s DJ line-up gladly showcased male and female DJs.